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EO Charging

Charge at home.

Smart Home

Smart Technology

Monitor energy usage & schedule charging plus a whole range of optional extras.

Save Money

Government Grant

The EO Mini Pro 2 is eligible for the OZEV grant allowing you to save up to £350 on installation.


EO Charging Accredited

We are a recognised installer by EO Charging. Have peace of mind knowing your in safe hands.

EO EV Charging Logo

Whether you’re looking for city thrills or big adventures, there’s an EO charger made for you. It’s simple – select your design, power rating and plug type. Who said charging needed to be complicated?

Smart Charger. Smart Decision.

With 3 models to choose from, EO Charging has you covered! From the smallest charger on the market to the feature rich Mini Pro, EO Charging will be sure to meet your EV needs.

Ready for any EV.

Supports Universal Socket, Type 1 & Type 2 Tethered (Model Dependent)

It's more than just a socket.

Theres a range of optional accessories that we can provide to improve your charging experience. From premium cables to bespoke posts for the charging unit, we can tailor your install to ensure it is perfect!

Control your charge with the EO App.

OZEV Grant - Save money on installation.

The EO Mini Pro 2 is eligible for the OZEV grant. This small, smart & safe EV Charger comes in a variety of colours and can be controlled using the EO Charging application, allowing you to take ultimate control when it comes to your charging habits.


This charger is the smallest on the market & is feature rich!

Is EO Right For You?

If you think that this charger would be perfect for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free survey and quote. Our accredited and specialist engineer will help you choose the perfect EV Charging point for your home and provide a fast, safe and high quality installation.