Pod Point

The intelligent way to charge your EV.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Allows EV drivers to control and manage their charging behaviour and cost.

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Pod Point Accredited

We are a recognised installer by RolecServ. Have peace of mind knowing your in safe hands.

Why Choose The Pod Point EV Charger?

Pod Point is a great product if you want to monitor your energy usage and manage cost. With it’s feature rich phone application and great out of the box features, the Pod Point Solo 3 is a stylish fit for any home.


As an OZEV approved charger, customers can benefit of a saving up to £350 on supply & installation of the product. 


With a variety of models to suit every home and a product that harmonises with your personal energy usage you can take control of your charging and keep the cost down!

Our Products Offered From This Brand

Already Charging?

Pod Point Charging App

Charge when it is most cheapest at home.


The Pod Point app allows users schedule charging, view charging activity and keep costs of costs & energy usage at home.


Did you know over 60% of charging is done at home?

Download the app today and explore all the great ways you can control the new Pod Point Solo 3 from your smart device. It’s FREE to download now.