Ohme EV Charging

An intelligent way to charge.

Smart Home

Smart Technology

Allows you to find the best charging times and prices for you, making your electric vehicle ultra sustainable.

Save Money

More Ways To Pay

Contact us to find out about more ways to pay for your electric vehicle charging point.


Ohme Accredited

We are a recognised installer by Ohme. Have peace of mind knowing your in safe hands.

Why Choose The Ohme Home Pro?

With the first product on the market to feature an LCD Screen the Ohme Home Pro lets customers take control of there charge directly from the unit it’s self. 



With upgrades to features already included in other Ohme products, the Home Pro looks stylish and helps you control costs by adding caps and track your CO2 consumption with our ‘Green Score’ feature. Plus it has in built earthing which is a nice bonus!



Ohme Home Pro,

Your EV’s new best friend.

Meet the Ohme ePod

Designed to provide affordable and user-friendly charging options, the Ohme ePod integrates with various energy tariffs, including smart ones, allowing users to charge their electric vehicles at the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly times. 


Take control with their smart app and get smart charging.

Ohme ePod – Ohme’s untethered Electric Vehicle Charging Point.

Ohme Charging App

The app puts electric vehicle owners back in the driving seat.


Simply tap when & how much you would like to charge your car. Even set a price cap. Fancy tech enables you to charge when energy suppliers tariffs are cheaper, saving you money!


Using the OHME EV Charging Point is paving the way to a brighter, greener future. Get started today!

Already Charging?

Download the app today and explore all the great ways you can control your new EV Charging Point from your smart device. It’s FREE to download now.

The Benefits Are Great

With its intelligent functionality, the device comes with a whole list of benefits which include:


Charging during negative tariffs mean you get #paidtocharge

Climate-conscious and Convenient

Compatible with all EV’s

Built for Fast Charging at 7kW (about 25min/hr) 

BSI Home Use Certified

OZEV Grant Fundable